Satko Home Movie Fun!

Krystyn has been the keeper of Andrew Satko’s old 8mm movie reels. She mailed them to me (Rand) last year (2018). I finally scanned them and did some limited color correction and stabilization.

Most of the reels and boxes had minimal descriptions which I’ve included in the title of each. It may be inaccurate or mislabeled. And a couple of the reels look like they were spliced pieces from various other reels. The reel numbers are simply the order I scanned the movies – so I’d have a number to refer back to. As we get all the reels dated, I’ll move them to date order.

Please comment below. Especially if you have more information, a correction, or the date of a particular reel.

One thought on “Satko Home Movie Fun!

  1. Starting the comments off…

    First – I have no idea who all the weddings were.
    Second – Reel 14 is not really missing – it was a purchased film of Hawaii.


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